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  • Air Conditioning facilities, regas & diagnostic
  • 4 Wheel laser alignment facilities
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  • Full & Interim Servicing carried out
  • Clutches & exhausts
  • Engine & gearbox
  • General repairs
  • MOT's
  • MOT Repairs

For a quote please call us with the following details; Vehicle make & model E.g. Volvo V70 Registration E.g. CP 52 CPM Mileage (servicing, Cam belts).

All Of our technicians are RMI approved
for more info go to https://www.rmif.co.uk/

In the beginning!

The commitment to our customers speaks for itself - Specialising in the Volvo Marque since 1985, recognising as in ourselves a brand associated with reliability and quality.

Colin and Liz O’Dell’s vision for CP Motors was built on their focus of fair trading practices for the customer, CP Motors and their staff, ensuring a partnership built to span the decades.

CP Motors is a first class alternative to the main agent and our customer satisfaction has ensured a solid customer base which has continually grown from our small beginnings.

What does the future hold for us ?

Now, more than ever, having confidence in your garage is an essential part of owning a vehicle. Regular maintenance routines may be altering as vehicle technology moves on. However, as the report quoted below indicates, normal mechanical wear and tear has been replaced by a new generation of faults and problems.

As an Independent Specialist we have been able to target investment in the latest technology and staff training, ensuring the most up to date product knowledge.

We at CP Motors understand the frustration faced by our customers as they become aware of new and quite often unfamiliar maintenance and repair issues.

Vehicle Complexity

5.33 Increasing complexity of vehicles and the inability of garages to diagnose faults was citied as one of the main reasons why consumers felt uncomfortable with the industry:

“The newer models, they’re all electronic now. It’s not a case of repairing anything, it’s a case of replacing it”

5.34 Fitting expensive replacement units was seen to be a simple method of increasing profit, or could be a result of mechanics not having the competence to repair a component. Where a unit replacement may be the only practical option, garages must explain this to customers.

5.35 In the last decade there has been a revolution in new technology with computerised engine management systems, climate control, airbags, a myriad of sensors and other electronic gadgetry becoming the norm. The failure of these systems, particularly in the five-year and older car, can prove very expensive, and failure of vehicle electrical and computing systems is quickly becoming the main source of vehicle breakdown as opposed to failure of mechanical components. The interdependency of various systems, such as engine management and catalytic converters, causes us some concerns as we are led to believe that misdiagnosis can lead to expensive failure in related systems.

5.36 Many of these systems generate diagnostic print-outs which could be used to inform customers of the work which needs to be done or which has been carried out …… The following excerpt is taken from the report to the Director General’s inquiry into car servicing and repairs. Completed by Office of Fair Trading 2000 . Page 18

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